Difficult Offbeat Boyfriend

The ominous cooking blog of one couple struggling to find movies to watch and keeping the house clean.

What People Name Their Kids

Making fun of what people name their kids, The DOB has renamed our family, Bodrian, Blu  Filandria and Rorkaus. Can you guess who is who?

A Simple Recipe

Made a simple snack of fried potato and corn cakes with a cayenne pepper yogurt sauce, a couple of days ago. Made with fresh thai chiles from our garden, and garlic grated with our new garlic grater plate, gifted to us by the DOB’s mother. I solved the missing egg problem by googling: what, besides eggs, makes things stick? Answer: corn starch and cheese, I also added corn meal, and almond butter for good measure. Cook time: slightly under two hours. But so so worth it.

The Cuisine of Fall

D.O.B.: I’m really excited about fall. I love the cuisine of fall. Don’t get me wrong, I love the cuisine of summer too. I’m just looking forward to the cuisine of fall…soups and risotto…”


Having some quality R.R. or relationship rejuvenation, or family home evening with Gracie, Bandit, Obi, Akila and the D.O.B. Ran six, slept for two, watched two episodes of season three, Veronica Mars. Tonight it’s roasted veggies, polenta, dover sole, buffalo milk mozzarella caprese, and a pinot grigio.

Last night we watched 21 Jump Street and it rocked.

Shop Shop Shop

Now that I’m a serious working girl, I have to take my free time more seriously too, so I’m doing this, and tonight I’m making this and this for the D.O.B, whose out fishing right now. 

On Monday we are going backpacking, so I bought Bandit this and this, and this for me, and a Jessica Simpson brand swimsuit. Working makes me want to shop shop shop.


The D.O.B. has left me for a man on wild, and man on fish, and man and dog and tent on remote campground, and man in river, two-night back packing trip. 

Instead of cleaning the house, I watched five hours of Mad Men because I’m depressed.

I Said

"Difficult Offbeat Boyfriend, let’s have fun tonight."

He comes home with fish for him, tofu for me, dolmas, olives, Joe’s Hawaiian Shirt Feta (from Polson, Montana) heirloom tomatoes with red onions and cucumbers (even though he hates cucumbers) for a Greek salad, with rice pilaf and fresh oregano from our garden and a Chateau du Languedoc.  

Nice dinner, nice walk, then I picked a fight over how to define ” female sportiness.”

DOB Suggests a Spin Off

Silly Simple Girlfriend.

In other news, it’s almost his weekend. In other news, after six weeks of weekend, it’s almost my work week.


The weed wacker might get covered in dew tonight.